Task Force Update

HWA Task Force Update

  • Surveys have shown that HWA is more widespread than originally known, but most infestations are related to their original introduction points.
  • The DNR was able to treat the state parks.
  • Securing funding to support treatment on private land is still underway.
  • The announcement of a $600,000 award from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is still pending.
  • A pre-proposal has been submitted for a Michigan Invasive Species Grant from the State of Michigan.

How can you help?

HWA can be spread by vehicles of any kind (including you!). Clip low hanging branches from areas where cars are parked and trim branches along pathways. Wrap branches in plastic and dispose of them in the garbage.

Don’t forget to report HWA if you find it.

Featured photo taken at Rosy Mound Natural Area by Annette Hoffman, Nettie Marie Photography.

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