You have identified HWA on your property. Now what?

  1. Report it to us. Our local task force is mapping the pest throughout Michigan. Your report will help us treat surrounding areas.
  2. Join our collective to fight this pest. Our local task force is working to secure funding to help ease the burden of treatment cost on land owners. Working together, we can decrease the cost of treatment and increase the chances of success in not only saving your trees, but the trees throughout the state and midwest. We are committed to responsible treatment.

If you would like to treat this pest on your own…

3. Contact a reputable company who has experience in HWA treatment.

Here are links to help you find an arborist near you:

Arboriculture Society of Michigan

Trees are Good

More information about HWA treatment and insecticides via MSU Extension – Written by: Deborah G. McCullough, Professor, Dept. of Entomology and Dept. of Forestry, Michigan State University

4. Even if you are treating on your own, please make a report to us. Your data will help us treat the pest throughout the state, so our forests are not devastated. We will not share your personal information.